Blue Hosting Server

User terms and conduction of use

You must agree to the following terms and conditions before you buy any of your services. Please review our TOS before buying.

  1. The user has full right to choose theirs own service.
  2. The user needs to provide a true description. You cannot change the details later. Users need to verify his/her email address. 
  3. User email and other variable information will not be published.
  4. The user can update his account anytime.
  5. The user cannot store any adult content or child pornography.
  6. You cannot put any content here that will hurt other images.
  7. If you think your buying service is not running perfectly then you can send a ticket we will fix it in 24 hours.
  8. If you have any compline about our team and affiliates then you can send tickets. We will take action for creating a fair-able marketplace.
  9. User terms and conditions of use can be updated as an authority says. When it will be updated we will let you know.

Affiliates member terms and conduction

  1. Affiliates cannot force a user to join here.
  2. Affiliates cannot provide us with bot traffic. If you do we will cancel your membership.
  3. No scam will not be allowed here.
  4. You will receive your payment on time.
  5. Cannot misbehave with your client.
  6. Cannot be inactive for one month. If you do this your account will be closed. No money will not send to your account.
  7. Affiliate member terms and conduction will update as authority says. We will let you know when it was updated.
  8. Users need to verify his/her email address. 

TOS 1.0