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Web hosting affiliate program that will help you get the 30% cut on every single sale. Nowadays web hosting is getting much more popular. So it will be really easy to refer someone and get the sales commission. Besides that, you can also become an affiliate marketer for your Digital agency solution. 

High Affiliate commission

By joining our affiliate program you will get a 30% commission on every sale. All the commission will be added directly to your account. You can check also the reports by logging in to your account. You can also track your affiliate links and also get sales reports and Wherefrom the leads came from. We have a nice and easy tool for the members to ensure their security and get paid timely. You can withdraw funds from your account when you have 50$. We send payment within 31 net days. Your requested funds will automatically transfer to your PayPal account.

Who you will join our affiliate team

There are no hard rules that you need to follow. There is a guideline that will help you to join your affiliate marketing program.

  1. First, we recommend you read our privacy policy page.
  2. Hit the below link to join the program.
  3. Fill up the information with genuine details.
  4. Hit the sign-up button.
  5. After creating an account you need to confirm your email.
  6. In the upper header menu, you will get an affiliate bar Hit the button.
  7. On the page, you will see join as an affiliate hit the button.

Congratulations you are now a member of your family.       

Get the big sale and the real money

30% commission on every sale

We are committed to providing our all affiliate marketers that we will give you the highest common on every sale. 

Track all Reports

Now It’s easy to track your all data on one page. Check how much traffic you get and how many leads you are getting every day. 

High Paying web hosting affiliate marketplace

Join our marketing department to ensure that highly paid affiliate program. It’s a secure and highly professional system.

Cupon Promotion

All affiliate members will receive dedicated mail before an event starts. Where you can find various types of coupons to promote among your audiences.

How does affiliate payout work?


First thing first. Take your time to make your profile on the biggest web hosting platform.

Share your link

Now it's time to share your affiliate link with your audiences. Spread your link around the world.

Pay Day

Get quality leads and when you get qualified for your payment request us. Check your wallet, funds are already sent to you.

Start your marketing Today

What else do you need to start your marketing career? From our end, you will get the best support, Best web hosting services,  Best Digital marketing services, and much more. As you know we are not selling just web hosting services besides that we also have digital marketing assets. So you are most welcome to promote all services that we provide here. You will get the highest commission from our every depertnemts.