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By joining your affiliate programs you can make a lot of money online. Because Blue hosting server is one of the trustable domain hosting service provider in the world. We don’t want to lose any customer trust and safety. Because of that, we make a unique online software who can enable to watch every customer and affiliate marketer. That’s why there is no way to spam. There are some rules and regulation that an affiliate marketer needs to maintain to serve quality of service. And our team will also help you guys to keep a fair able marketplace. That does not end here, we have a great offer for your affiliate marketer. If anyone can prove himself/herself that he/she will get the chance to work with us directly. For the selected member there is no commission rate. Members will work with monthly fixed price.

Affiliate commission

By joining our team you will get 30% commission on every sale. All the commission will add directly to your account. You can check also the reports by log in your account. You can also track your affiliate links and also track where from the leads came. We have a nice and easy tool for the members to ensure their security and get paid timely. You can withdraw funds from your account when you have 50$. We send payment 31 net days. You request funds will automatically transfer to your PayPal account.

Who you will join our team

There is no hard rules that you need to follow. There is the guide line that will help you to join your affiliate marketing program.

  1. First we recommended you to read our privacy policy page.
  2. Hit the bellow link to join the program.
  3. Fill up the information with genuine details.
  4. Hit sign-up button.
  5. After creating account you need to confirm your email.
  6. Than upper the header menu you will get affiliate bar hit the button.
  7. On the page you will see join as an affiliate hit button.

Congratulation you are now a member of your family.